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At Ffynnoncadno we have over twenty-five years of experience in breeding horses; the preservation of rare bloodlines are at the pinnacle of our breeding programme. We strive to breed at high standards of type, temperament and obedience, with this in mind we ensure that we produce the best from the best and provide new owners with the utmost support and advice prior, during and after purchasing or using our services.


Proprietor Donna Edwards grew up with horses and bred her first horse at the young age of 16 years old and as a result, is equipped with a diverse knowledge of all different breeds from breeding Welsh Cobs to Part-Bred Arabs and now concentrating on Irish Draughts. 

The driving force behind our breeding programme originates from our passion for providing the best quality environment and offspring for our customers, from amateurs to professionals.

Situated just outside Carmarthen we are in an ideal location to facilitate the needs of our horses and customers, support our programme and meet our standards.

Ffynnoncadno Irish Draughts concentrate on breeding quality Irish Draughts and Irish Sports Horses. Standing a selection of Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horse Stallions and breeding with our mares, producing well-natured show and sport horses.


We currently stand a variety of stallions, who are the last of their lines, carrying the breeding of many critically endangered foundation lines; these include Clonfert RID 694, which go back to Comet RID and now, unfortunately, these lines are now extinct in Ireland.

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We always pride ourselves on breeding the highest quality Irish Draughts. We ensure that without a question of doubt all offspring will excel in performance, be correct in confirmation with temperaments to match. 

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At Ffynnoncadno Irish Draughts, we are proud to be able to offer natural and AI servcies. We accept visitng mares and have the knowledge and resources to post semen to nominated veterinary or AI centres.



The youngstock we breed are our pride and joy. We invest time, love and effort into each and every one of our foals and take great pleasure in seeing them mature into smart horses.


I have a Ffynnoncadno Irish Draught, bought unseen and he’s everything Donna said he was and more!! Super temperament and conformation.

Carol Mackman-Jibb

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