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Hazevern Easter Sunday

Class 2 - Purebred Irish Draught

Purebred ID, Class 2, 2001, 16hh stallion standing at stud 2024. 

Sunday is a kind, correct and genuine stallion with a heart of gold. Sunday is a true to type Irish Draught with a temperament second to none.

Produces beautiful progeny with excellent potential, all proving very versatile on the hunting field as well as the show ring. 

Sunday has sired many horses which have gone onto become show champions and all-rounders. 

Sired by Snowford Pinkston, Sunday is the only one of two stallions carrying the Clonfert lines, with of which stand with us at Ffynnoncadno Irish Draughts. 

Sunday is not homozygous chestnut as he has thrown greys, bays and chestnuts!  

Stud fee for 2024 is £400. NFFR, natural covering or AI (fresh or chilled only)

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