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Natural Covering

Artificial Insemination

Visiting Mares 

Scanning at Stud

At Ffynnoncadno Irish Draughts, we are proud to offer our customers and their horses, a smooth and high-quality service. As a result of having some last of the line stallions, we made to decision to expand our services in 2021 and offer artificial insemination and postage of semen from our stallions. 

Therefore, in preparation for the 2024 season, we are continuing to offer visiting mares a choice of natural or AI as well as posting semen to you or your designated inseminator, terms and conditions will apply to all services and stud fees. eg. all stallions stand as No Foal, Free Return terms. 

Additionally, we have decided that to allow our AI services to continue to be more accessible, we only charge the stud fee plus postage. Collection fee and insemination fee will not apply, if the mares are visiting.

At Ffynnoncadno Irish Draughts, we also welcome visiting mares to stay with us whilst being covered, with the choice of stabling or turnout. We also ensure that all visiting mares (and foals) are provided with sufficient food, we will on some occasions give mares additional haylage and in some cases a course mix feed.


We usually suggest that mares arrive a few days before they are due in season to allow time to settle. As well as this, we can have mares stay until twin & heartbeat scan - livery and veterinary fees apply.

We kindly ask that all mares have had a CEM test and hind shoes removed (if natural covering) as well as a completed nomination form prior to your mare's arrival at Ffynnoncadno Irish Draughts.

It is highly recommended that horses are insured, as a result, all horses being left are entirely at the owners risk as part of our terms and conditions. By accepting a semen delivery and/or the transfer of money, you are automatically bound by our stud terms and conditions. 


Documentation and Agreements

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